Leaders: Are you thinking about Organizational Level Engagement?

Employee engagement has been around for over 20 years.  If we are honest with ourselves, we know employee engagement is now part of the routine and does not hold the prestige and impact it once held.

So, as an executive, have you thought beyond employee engagement to organizational level engagement?

Organizational Engagement focuses on “We” not “Me”.

While acknowledging that the individual is important, organizational level engagement focuses at the organizational level.  It does not dismiss the value of the individual, but acknowledges the critical nature of organizational level performance.  It focuses on how people work together across an organization to accomplish outcomes.

As an executive, you’re likely to respond: “Well, we have our financial performance metrics to tell us how we’re doing as an organization.”  True – – – but that answer is not sufficient.  Financial metrics only tell one part of the tale.  Organization Level Engagement is about how the organization is performing from a people perspective.

For example, all organizations have ‘silos’, groups of people who do not work together.  Organizational level engagement discovers pockets of silos allowing managers and leaders to improve how groups work together, sharing data and improving decision making processes.

Do your people know the mission of your organization?  Merely repeating the mission by rote does not mean they have integrated the mission of your organization with their daily work behavior.  Do your people work together?  Do they make effective decisions by considering others who may be impacted by new strategies?  The following chart describes the differences between employee engagement and organizational level engagement.

Employee Engagement Organization Level Engagement
Focused exclusively on what employees derive from the organization Focused on what the organization derives from all employees working together
Focused on individual motivation – what’s in it for me? Focused on organizational level motivation – what’s in it for us?
Focused on ‘local’ issues such as environment, pay and benefits Focused on organizational level outputs such as customer satisfaction, data quality, and leader effectiveness across groups.
Focused on the leader the individual works with each day Focused on how all leaders work together each day and throughout the year
Focused on “Me” Focused on “We”


Evaluating organizational level engagement gives Senior Executives and Human Resource teams the data to:

  1. Find a “Weakest Link” – Analyzing the Level of Organizational Engagement at the departmental level will help you strengthen your weakest link. By doing so, you enhance the performance of the entire organization.
  2. Spend budget dollars wisely – Organizational Engagement analysis defines where to focus budget, managerial effort, and training to improve organization level performance.
  3. Plan for success – Organizational Engagement assesses how teams and organizations will manage new challenges and change. Deficits can be addressed to ensure the team has a greater likelihood of success during significant organizational change.

Executives need to step back and ask: “How well does my organization work together?  How do they truly collaborate to achieve success?  What is our culture of engagement?  Are we setting an example of decision making and cooperation at the top?

By taking this important step and investigating organizational level engagement, you will improve the effectiveness of your organization, leading to increased profitability and improved employee satisfaction.

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