Keynote Speeches

“It can be done.”

Focus on all levels of management and leadership to demonstrate going to night school, while raising a family and holding down a full-time job are possible.  The keynote is focused on leader development of disciplines required to get the job done.

“How Leaders create an environment for motivation.”

Dispelling the myth that managers motivate anyone, this keynote informs managers and leaders of the psychology of motivation.

“Considering Leadership Blind Spots”

Every leader has blind spots that impede their effectiveness.  This keynote discusses multiple blind spots and their impact on organizational success.

“It’s the organizational level that counts”

So many programs focus on the individual, including Employee Engagement surveys.  This keynote explains why the Organizational Level must be the focus of all organizational efforts.

“Becoming an Architect of Change”

All executives initiate change, but they may miss the significant qualities and actions they must take to ensure an ROI on their projects.  This keynote addresses very specific processes and behaviors executives must display during major change.

“Leadership Humor and Leadership Patience: How to influence your organization with skills you don’t hear about in MBA programs.”

Leaders get lost in MBA minutiae, but the people side of things matters more than finance, legal or product development.  This keynote asks leaders to reflect on their approach to managing people.

“Building Powerhouse Teams out of Broken People”

A powerhouse team doesn’t happen by accident.  Leaders build teams through significant steps, especially when the teams have been shattered by previous failure.  Leaders can build incredible teams using proven steps founded in Group Dynamics and Social Psychology.

“Things I learned about Management by working with Rock Musicians”

Funny how the term “Rock Star” pops up in our organizations.  It tells us something about the aspirations of many people.   This keynote discusses parallels between creative rock musicians and effectively managing people.