Your company will improve performance by learning from Dr. Bohn’s insight, skills, & in-depth experience.

  • Organizational Expertise From decades of successfully leading leaders (Boomer, Gen-X, Millennial – no matter)
  • Business savvy derived from observing and evaluating the organizational behavior of multiple Fortune 500 organizations
  • Engaging platform persona draws diverse audiences into the learning process through dialogue and participation.
  • Powerful, actionable leadership principles your team can apply today
  • Seasoned wisdom that comes only through years of experience

The result: You and your company benefit from Dr. Bohn’s pains and triumphs.

Raised by a factory working father & armed with a PhD,

Jim puts theory that works on the table and invites you to roll up your sleeves & go to work!

Jim’s rare alloy of practice & theory is hard to find in today’s market, making him a much-appreciated advisor. He’ll insightfully identify where you are and lead you forward.

You won’t get that from a recent graduate. Expert knowledge & wisdom take years to develop.

Call him. Your team will thank you. These did.

“Jim has a natural ability to engage his audiences, and ensures his topics are clear and understood. I’m looking forward to having Jim back again soon.”

Dave HamiltonBest Buy

“Jim came highly recommended from a trusted colleague. I was impressed with how he engated his audience, presenting with the right mix of energy and experience. He did an outstanding job at our conference.”

Greg ThomasBusiness Consultant

“Jim gets the entire audience engaged and interested. How he presents Change Management touches everyone in every job type. Great information and great presenter!”

Rhonda Rezac, FMPApplications Developer at RSP i-SPACE